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Frequently answered questions

As bluing is the process of formation on the surfaces of the steel parts of a layer of adherent oxide and some ability to protect against corrosion. The properties of corrosion protection in a humid environment is not high, so it is advisable gunmetal lubricate parts to prevent contact with moisture.

Follow the setup instructions that appear in the instruction manual. You can find instructions on this page.

No, for safety Never leave a loaded rifle, may cause an accident.

You must contact the store where you purchased your rifle and they manage your incidence.

You have to go to a gun shop to request replacement necessary.

The weight and type of pellet must be taken into account when measuring the rate of fire. A slight increase pellet velocity and a heavy decrease it. The height above sea level and humidity can also make a difference normal variation factor is between 5-10% depending on the conditions.

No never. It can cause an explosion and damage the rifle or the user.

No. No Norica air rifle can shoot bb’s.